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A unique platform for publishing online open-access refereed journals of the highest quality and significance in all areas of Academic Research and Technology.


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Mazedan International Research Academy is a unique platform for publishing online open-access refereed journals of the highest quality and significance in all areas of Academic Research and Technology. Open access allows everyone to have unrestricted use and reuse of scientific content as per the creative commons license provided on each journal's homepage. As an Open Access Publisher, we are providing an opportunity for global scholars to get involved in updating themselves with the ongoing research. We host international, open access, peer-reviewed academic journals. Whether you are an Inspiring teacher, scientist, creative aspirants, curious students, or researcher; we are cordially inviting you to browse our digital library and learn about ongoing researches in the field. In order to maintain manuscript quality, each manuscript submitted shall undergo a double-blind peer-review process. All the Journal with Mazedan follows a rigorous peer-review process to retain high standards of published articles.

To know the journal details and scope, please find the journal name in the list and you will be taken to the journal's home page. Manuscripts should be submitted online through the Journal Management System. Articles are taken in the doc format limited to 20 pages. Only online submissions are accepted to facilitate rapid publication. Submissions by anyone other than one of the authors will not be accepted. The submitting author takes responsibility for the paper during submission and peer review.


Publishing with Mazedan: Step by Step

Learn about the publication process and how to submit your manuscript. This tutorial will help you find the right journal and maximize the chance to be published.


A-Find a journal

  • Find out the journals that could be best suited for publishing your research. Match your manuscript using the Journal Finder tool, then learn more about each journal.
  • Journal Finder- Powered by the Mazedan Search Engine, Mazedan Journal Finder uses smart search technology and field-of-research-specific vocabularies to match your article to Mazedan journals.

B-Manuscript Preparation:

The manuscript will be prepared as a single MS word file in two parts- Title Page and Manuscript File. The whole text, references, tables, and figure legends should be typed in 12 pt Times New Roman font and double-spaced throughout the word document of A4 size, 2.54 cm top, bottom, left, and right margins. All pages should be numbered consecutively starting with the title page.

1.    Title page- Title Page should contain an appropriate title not exceeding 80 characters or 10-15 words yet sufficiently descriptive and informative, a short running title of 3-4 words, Author(s) name(s), address of the Institute(s)/Organisation(s), corresponding author address with phone, mobile, e-mail, and fax number.

2.    Manuscript File

§  should contain ”Title, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Material & Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement, References, Tables, Figures, and figure legends.

§  should not contain the author's information.

§  Abstract- Should clearly state the objective/s of the paper along with major findings/results. It must not be exceeding 250 words.

§  Keywords - About four to seven keywords or phrases in alphabetical order, separated by commas.

§  Section- All the section heads/titles (including references) will be of Times New Roman, Bold, 12 Fonts and Left Aligned, (e.g. :1 Introduction, 2. Material & Methods, 3. Results, 4. Discussion, 5. Conclusion, Acknowledgement, References, Tables, Figures and figure legends) with numbering.

§  Text- All the entire texts will be in MS Word, Times New Roman, 12 Fonts, double Spaced, and in single-column format.

§  Subsections- All the subsections will be of Times New Roman, 12 Fonts, First, Bold with numbering like 1.1, 1.1.1, etc.

§  Figures, Table & Equations- All Tables and Figures captions will be in Times New Roman, 12 Fonts, bold, and placed below and centered with the tables and figures. The figures, tables and equations should have numbering (e.g.: Fig. -1: ____ , Table-1: ____ ). All the figures, tables, and equations must be cited in the text and only high-quality figures will be accepted. Tables and equations must not be in the image file.

§  Ethical guidelines: Research papers dealing with experiments on human or animal subjects must state in the Material & Methods section that: (i) informed and free consent was obtained from the participants/patients/relatives of the patients/parents or legal guardians of minors and should attach the ethical clearance certificate from the institution/organization or similar committee/ agency; and (ii) the maintenance and care of the experimental animals is as per the guidelines for use of laboratory animals in research specified by the Animal Ethics Committee of the Institute/Organisation

§  References: Author(s) name, Title of paper, Journal Name in italic, Vol., No. (if any), pp. (Page-page), Month (space) Year of publication will be of Times New Roman, 12 Fonts, with numbering like [1], [2], etc.

§  References Examples: -

[1] M. Bhattacharya, B. Sarkar, T. Chattopadhyay, Optical Generation of Millimeter and Submillimeter-Waves Through Optical Side-Band Injection Locking of Semiconductor Lasers”, IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett. Vol. 14, No. 11, pp. 1611-1613, Nov. 2002.

[2] G. Chandra, A. Ghosh, I. Bhattacharjee and S. K. Ghosh (2013). Use of larvivorous fish in biological and environmental control of disease vectors. CAB International 2013. Biological and Environment Control of Disease Vectors (eds M.M. Cameron and L.M. Lorenz).

C- Manuscript Submission:

§  Papers for the regular issues of the journal can be submitted, round the year, electronically through Mazedan Journal Management System (JMS) or Google From.

§  Alternatively, if you have been invited to submit to a journal, follow the instructions provided to you.

§  Manuscript can be submitted in docs (MS word file). Author can access the relevant submission system via the SUBMIT Button Given at the bottom of this page.

§  The manuscript size must be under the 6000 Word count or 20 pages.

§  Once submitted, your paper will be considered by the editor and if it passes initial screening, it will be sent for peer review by experts in your field. If deemed unsuitable for publication in your chosen journal, the editor may suggest you transfer your submission to a more suitable journal, via an article transfer service.

D- Manuscript Review and Publication:

§  Editorial review and publication: All manuscripts are reviewed by a panel of subject experts in each discipline and also by the Editorial Board. Peer reviewer and author identities are kept confidential to solicit unbiased comments. The articles are accepted only after the recommendation by the reviewers and the Editorial Board. The corresponding author is responsible for scientific accuracy and statements expressed in the article.

§  The authors have to sign a declaration form and copy right form before publication in the journal.

§  Paper will immediately be online after the final acceptance; however, the Volume, Issue, and DOI allocate later for which author will be intimated accordingly. For Theme Based Special Issues, time bound Special Call for Papers will be announced and the same will be applicable for that specific issue only.

 E- Submission Tracking

  • Author can track the status of the submitted paper online on the Journal Management System (JMS).
  • The system uses to track your submission will be the same system to which article was submitted.
  • Use the reference number received after submission to track the submission.