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Young scientist award is a step towards our vision of solving toughest problems in life sciences by collaborating with scientific community.

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Melissa Collins

Tennessee | 2008

PAEMST awardee Melissa Collins has taught at John P. Freeman Optional School in the Memphis City Schools since 1999. While holding a variety of roles both within her school and within the teaching profession, her overall goal has been to educate and mentor urban students as they become future scientists and mathematicians. Most recently Melissa fulfilled a vision she had a year ago, holding a white coat ceremony for students entering the STEM club. These 3rd-8th grade students will embark on a year of STEM activities and competitions.


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Mazedan International Research Academy gives the awards in different fields every year. The academy find the young brains and motivate them to do research. The awards are given at national level. Whether you are an Inspiring teacher, scientist, creative aspirants, curious students or researcher; we are cordially inviting you to join the academy and learn about ongoing researches in the field. Since its inception in 2010, the Mazedan Awards has sought to encourage innovation in the use and mobilization of biodiversity data shared through the Mazedan network.
Calls for nominations go out each spring, and interested students must submit applications to the Head of Delegation through online process. The national delegations are responsible for forwarding the nominations to the Mazedan Secretariat.
Graduate students wishing to be considered for the nominations should consult the websites. The Mazedan Secretariat and national Participants whose nominees are selected to receive the award are announced just before annual Governing Board meeting.

Mazedan Young Researcher Award

This scheme is instituted by the academy to recognize and reward young scientists, below the age of 40 years, with outstanding track record in different fields, a deep commitment to find innovative solutions to major problems related to human diseases and potential for high quality research. Applicants must have a regular position in a University / Organization / Institute in their country and should be engaged in research and development and have publications arising from research done as an independent investigator in the country.


Applicant below the age of 40 years.

  • Scientist from Academic and Research Institutes across India
  • Researchers residing in India
  • An individual who is a doctoral candidate, or who received the degree not more than five (5) years prior to submission due date. Co-authorship is acceptable provided that the Young Researcher applicant is the primary author.

All applications will be subjected to a review process.

  • An awards subcommittee selected by the Executive Committee will determine the winners based on the submitted nominations.
  • Awards will be presented at the annual function on national science day. All finalists will be subject to a background check.
Nature of Award
  • Recipients of the award receive a certificate of recognition.
  • Recipients will get the life membership of Mazedan.
  • No cash prize will be given.
Processing Fee

A non-refundable entry fee of $ 50 is required to be paid along with the nomination form, and if nominated, there is an additional processing fee of $ 500 to be paid.

Prize and Certificates
  • Recipients of the award receive a certificate of recognition.
  • Recipients will get the life membership of Mazedan.
  • No cash prize will be given.

Requirements and content recommendations include the following:

  • At least two supporting letters from colleagues (which state why the nominator feels the nominee is deserving of the award (with specific supporting examples given).
  • Resume (or equivalent)