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Mazedan International Research Academy (MIRA) is an association of international scholars aimed at promoting research and development

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Mazedan International Research Academy (MIRA) is an association of international scholars aimed at promoting research and development through different mediums. It had been established on July 29, 2009 in Ankara. The corporate office is run from Amsterdam and ANKARA is the headquarter. MIRA aims to undertake initiatives that are global in nature and thus transcend what any one association can accomplish in its own country, region, or area of specialization. Member associations are resolved to work together to address such issues as building capacity and interest in education research, advancing education research policies and practices, and promoting the use and application of education research around the world. Mazedan is ranked to be in the forefront in the promotion of education with cutting edge interest, active action research and service with a smile to human concerns performing the way it believes in for a better world. It bring together Researchers, Scientists, Engineers, Scholars and Students in the areas of Engineering & Technology, and provides a platform for dissemination of results, new ideas, Research & development and practical experiments, which concentrate on both theory and practices, for the benefit of common man. Mazedan popularly acclaimed to be an all active academic cluster of prominent scientist, professionally matured teachers and performing researchers across India and overseas committed to promote value and ethical research among the young research scholars and modern society. Having been backed up by the committed academic assemblage, the Mazedan could climb the academic heights in no time with the support of the authors from India and abroad who have contributed a lot in the terms of their research/ scientific/ technical papers worth presenting to the realm of its kind. Research is an essential tool for entering into the arena of latest knowledge. It also provides a unique insight into teaching of higher education in a scientific way. Research in science and technology must be relevant to local, social and industrial needs, leverage the regional and local competitive advantage and be goal oriented. The research must be aimed to cultivate a research culture among the researchers and scientists of the world. The latest research in general and the research in science and technology in particular can lead to provide fuel to education towards development. The promotion of research happens to be the core and strategic aim of MIRA. The focus of academic research in the future will be on developing economic and social factors benefitting the masses at large. This will be achieved through innovation which is the creation of better products, processes, technologies and ideas that are commercialized in a way to benefit the society.

Aims & Objectives
  • Mazedan publishes the scholarly research through peer reviewed journals, proceedings, magazines and books.
  • Mazedan undertake and carry on research and development work through establishment of laboratories, experiment centres.
  • Provide trainings and conduct advance certification course for the professionals as well as for leaners.
  • Mazedan take government funded projects to carry some development work for the nation building.
  • Assist any Government/Semi-Government/Private University for scientific and technological development by providing or contributing to the remuneration of research, providing or contributing to the awards, prizes, scholarships, grants, sponsorships to the students or others to encourage them.
  • Establish the local chapters in institutions and universities to impart the research culture and support in various technical activities.
  • Mazedan establishes, maintain and operate educational institutions, schools and hostels for the benefit of the children.
  • Mazedan engaged in sharing knowledge through organization of various conferences, seminars and workshops on various subjects time to time throughout the year.
  • Assist the young scholars and researchers by guiding in technical writing, experimentation and in software learnings.