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Date of Publish: 2020-05-16 23:50:24

Mazedan memberships open

Mazedan welcome all the research scholars, professors, R&D professionals and industry persons to join us as the professional member of Mazedan. Our objective is to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas freely and promote research activities.

Membership categories include two types of membership, individual and institutional. The category of Individual Member consists of four grades, such as Fellow Member, Executive Member, Life Member and Associate Member whereas Institutional Membership includes Corporate Institutions and Educational Institutions.


Fellow Member:

The grade of Fellow is conferred on Professor, Doctors, Engineers and Scientists and shall be conferred only on the invitation of the Mazedan upon a person of distinction and outstanding qualifications, and who has made extraordinary contributions in research.


Executive Member:

In this grade, the executive committee considers membership of the person based on significant contribution in Mazedan. The executive members vote in the constitution of the executive body.


Life Member:

After successful completion of the three years of the associate membership, the executive committee can recommend converting the associate grade into the life membership.


Associate Member:

The grade of Associate Member is conferred to those who have made a significant professional contribution and demonstrated professional competence in the relevant fields. The candidate shall be a PhD scholar from an accredited educational Institution can directly be entered in the grade of Associate Member. Graduate and/or Postgraduate Doctors and Engineers can also join to Mazedan as Associate Member.

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